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Breast Revision | Implant Removal in Ottawa with Dr. Loizides

Breast revision or implant removal is surgery to remove or replace breast implants. Many women choose breast revision to change the size, shape, or type of their implants, or to correct a problem related to the original implants. Others choose to have implants removed for personal reasons, such as they are no longer wanted, or for health reasons, if a problem occurs.

Dr. Photis Loizides offers breast revision and implant removal surgery in Ottawa to help women achieve the body contours they want and to correct problems related to their original implants. Dr. Loizides is a plastic surgeon fully accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

With his extensive training and unparalleled expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, he consistently helps patients achieve the changes they are seeking with natural-looking results. Patients throughout the Ottawa area have chosen Dr. Loizides because of his beautiful, natural-looking results and his attentive, caring approach. 

To learn more about breast revision or implant removal surgery, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Loizides. 

Why Choose Dr. Loizides for Breast Revision or Implant Removal Surgery?

Dr. Loizides is highly trained, board-certified, and committed to patient satisfaction through optimal care and premium, natural-looking results. Dr. Loizides and his team love to put patients at ease throughout the whole experience, from reaching out for a consultation to their last follow-up appointment. Dr. Loizides properly educates patients before embarking on a procedure and is easily accessible for all questions and concerns patients have. For these reasons and more, Dr. Loizides is considered an experienced and sought-after cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeon in Ottawa.

Why Might I Consider Breast Revision or Implant Exchange Surgery?

While there are many reasons women choose breast augmentation initially, there are just as many reasons they seek breast revision or implant exchange surgery, including personal reasons or to correct a cosmetic or medical problem related to the original implants.

Personal reasons that might cause you to consider breast revision or implant removal include:

  • A desire for change breast size 
  • A desire to change implant type (to replace saline implants with silicone implants, for example)
  • Concerns about the potential health effects of implants, even when you have experienced no problems

What Can Breast Revision Correct?

Breast revision or implant removal may also be performed to correct problems with the original implants, such as:

  • Pain or discomfort related to the implants
  • A shift in the position of one or both implants
  • Implant rupture or leak (a cosmetic problem when a saline implant deflates and a potential health concern with a silicone implant)
  • Infection or bleeding in the tissue around the implant
  • Capsular contracture (when the scar tissue that naturally forms around the implant hardens and thickens, causes discomfort or pain, distorts the shape of the breast, or puts pressure on the implant)
  • Concern about the accuracy of cancer screenings using mammography
  • In rare cases, evidence of BIA-ALCL, a form of lymphoma associated with certain textured implants
Dr. Photis Loizides in scrubs

The highest standard of plastic surgery

Extensive training and surgical expertise allows Dr. Photis Loizides to consistently help patients achieve their desired, natural-looking results. He is a plastic surgeon fully accredited with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Loizides, please get in touch.

What Are the Options for Breast Revision or Implant Exchange?

When implants are removed, whether they are replaced or not, the condition of the surrounding tissue will be a factor in the surgical plan. 

  • If the surrounding tissue is healthy, the implants are removed without also removing breast tissue. This is known as simple implant removal.
  • If silicone gel has leaked into surrounding tissue, the areas of affected tissue will be removed as part of the implant removal procedure.
  • If surrounding tissue has thickened and hardened in capsular contracture, the affected tissue is removed along with the implants. Removing the implants and the hardened tissue together, as one piece, is known as en bloc implant removal. 

If you choose to have the implants removed and not replaced, the procedure might include reshaping the breasts with a breast lift. Fat transfer can also be used to replace some of the volume lost with implant removal, using excess fat removed from another part of the body with liposuction.

If you choose to have implants replaced in a breast revision procedure, your replacement options will be similar to those of your original breast augmentation, with changes made to achieve your current goals or to address any problems. These choices include:

Saline, silicone, structured saline, or “gummy bear”

Round or teardrop, with width and thickness chosen to create your desired breast size and contour

Within the breast tissue (subglandular placement) or below the chest muscles (subpectoral placement)

Typically following the lines of the original incisions—in the crease below the breast (inframammary incision), in a half-circle around the lower edge of the areola (periareolar incision), or in the armpit (transaxillary incision)

If there is a risk that the new implants will not remain in position, the use of acellular dermal matrix (ADM), a form of supportive tissue, may be considered to provide additional stability. ADM can be beneficial when implants are replaced after the hardened scar tissue of capsular contracture is removed, for example, and may reduce the risk of capsular contracture recurrence.

Planning Your Breast Revision or Implant Removal

The right breast revision or implant exchange procedure for you will be the one that addresses your unique issues and goals. That’s why your consultation with Dr. Loizides is so important, and his collaborative approach to his consultations is so valuable. Dr. Loizides will examine you to understand any problems, listen to your concerns, and ask questions to understand your goals for the procedure. He will give his expert recommendation for the approach that will safely and effectively address any concerns while giving you the results you desire. He will also help you understand what the procedure involves and its costs and risks. 

Dr. Loizides’ goal in all his cosmetic surgeries is to give you natural-looking and long-lasting results that make you feel great about your appearance and your health.

Delivering real results

Opting to have plastic surgery is an enormous decision. We understand. 

We want to intimately understand your goals and align on expectations.

How Is Breast Revision or Implant Exchange Surgery Performed?

Breast revision or implant removal surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made along the lines of the original augmentation procedure, following the plan discussed with Dr. Loizides during your consultation. The implants are removed, along with any affected tissue, as needed. 

If the implants are not being replaced, breast tissue may be repositioned to create a natural-looking, rounded appearance. 

If new implants are being placed, they may be positioned in the pocket left by the original implants, or in a different position, following the surgical plan. Acellular dermal matrix (ADM) may be used to hold the implants in position.

A breast lift may be performed to correct sagging and create an attractive breast shape. 

The length of the surgery varies with the extent of the enhancements being made and the combination of procedures included. 

After the procedure is complete and you are fully alert, you will be able to go home. Ahead of time, arrange to have a friend or family member drive you home and stay with you for the first night as you may need help completing normal daily tasks.

What to Expect in Recovery

Once at home, you do not have to change your bandages. Dr. Loizides will help you with the first dressing change at a follow-up appointment three to five days after your surgery.

The recovery process varies from person to person, but most patients require one to two weeks off work. Typically, low-impact exercise can be resumed after two weeks. All other activities can gradually be resumed after four to six weeks.

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